Our universal tandoor bread mixes are already on sale!


Besting continues to delight bakers!

When choosing staff, this company has paid special attention to the selection of honest people fond of their work, calling them its spiritual capital.

Thanks to this, the enthusiasm and professional approach of the team to work allowed the company to attract enough consumers in the local market with the taste and quality of its products in the shortest possible time.

Besting continues to use natural raw materials and offer special products, constantly improving them, thereby providing people with a healthy diet.

Thus, taking care of your health, the Besting team has created high-quality universal tandoor bread mixes for you by adding vitamins while preserving the national taste!

The uniqueness of this mix is that its new composition contains various herbs, spices, and seeds that will impart a great taste and uniqueness to your tandoor bread.

To save your time, a tandoor bread seedy mix, a tandoor bread branny mix, a tandoor bread spicy mix, a tandoor bread mix with herbs, and a rye tandoor bread mix are already on sale!

Like all other products, these mixes are composed of only natural ingredients!

Continuously introducing new technologies, Besting continues to offer new products to its customers.

Like our other products, this blend is easy to use. You will manage to provide your customers with standard quality products in the shortest possible time. These mixtures will become an irreplaceable choice for buyers!