BESTING company introduced its new website


According to the food engineer of the company, Eve Ugur, the updated website was developed by Marcom Marketing and Communications company. "The interface of the new website presented by the company Marcom is fully compatible with our activity. The technical opportunities offered by the company are broad. It allows us to make changes to the website that will be needed in the future. The website is currently being updated for content, which is being implemented together with Marcom. In the future, we plan to present broader useful information on our activity and functionalities on the website. Our updated website will help us sell products to foreign markets and expand our scope of area. We discuss the second phase of work to be done with Marcom.”

According to Nigar Aliyeva, a project manager at Marcom on a Besting brand, the website has been developed based on the customer's desires and additional offers of our company. "Working with the Besting company, recognizing the products the company offers and stimulating its development are important to us. The first part of the work related to the website is almost complete. In the second stage, we plan to create broader functionalities on the website. Our purpose is both to promote the products presented by the Besting company in the market and turn the website into a useful platform for the food sector.”

We should note that although the Besting company has been operating in the Azerbaijani market since 2018, it could attract enough customers in the local market for the quality of the products it presents. Plans of the company for 2020 are to export its products to foreign markets.