BESTING company has announced its plans related to 2020


The company, which has undertaken to provide the market with quality products since 2018, will also remain loyal to its mission this year. The company intends to expand its service network (scope) maximally during the current year to provide more people with quality products.

Eve Ugur, a food engineer at BESTING, said that the main goal of the company has been to provide consumers with quality products since its establishment: "We started this journey with the motto 'Healthy food and different taste!' We work day and night, do our best and spend incredible energy to take care of your health. It motivates our team that our efforts are not in vain. Our goal is to be the first to come to minds when talking about healthy food!"

E.Ugur also said that BESTING would expand its export geography in 2020 as well as becoming stronger in the local market: "One of our main advantages is that we try to produce products in accordance with the culture of each region we work and taste of the people who live there. We want to contribute not only to the development of the food sector, but also the culture of regions. On the other hand, we promote the production capacity and culture of our country outside Azerbaijan".

Additionally, the food engineer announced the construction of new production lines. BESTING, which always keeps up with world trends and applies global innovations in production, will also strengthen this year. "Our partners and consumers demand newer products, recipes and services in a rapidly changing period. Of course, we must keep up with it, too. We have enough technological resources, employees and enthusiasm to work for it. Our professional team always supports bakery and confectionery experts not only in Azerbaijan but also abroad".

Another innovation is that new packaging products will launch in the market during the current year by BESTING. Only volume changes, but the quality remains unchanged! Because BESTING products are a symbol of quality!

Any products made with BESTING raw materials are suitable for everybody's taste. Those who have tried it know...