You will create a work of art out of Besting sugar paste


BESTING company presents BESTING Sugar Paste for professional masters, as well as amateur confectioners to perfectly prepare their fantasies in cake decoration. Creating a real work of art on a cake, as well as a neat, sweet sugar paste with a perfectly smooth surface, plays a mediating role. 

Sugar paste is an irreplaceable raw material for any variety of confectioneries on birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. The cakes decorated with various figures and beloved characters are distinguished by being more spectacular and eye-catching. The sugar paste we produce is made with special technology and has a perfect smoothness and elasticity. 

The sugar paste is stored in a cool, dry and closed place at 15-25 C. Because sugar paste dries quickly in contact with air. 

The sugar paste can be painted in different colors with food colors initial version of which is white. The color palette of "BESTING" sugar paste consists of white, red, blue, pink, yellow, purple and lilac.

Advantages of BESTING sugar paste.

It follows Azerbaijan Food Safety standards;

It does not contain gelatin, lard oil and additives;

It is produced using the latest technological equipment;

It is smooth, soft and delicious;

It has different color ranges;

Any shape can be given easily.

An area of application of Besting sugar paste is as follows:

As a cover on cakes;

Preparation of figures;

Preparation of flowers;

As a cover and decoration on cookies, cupcakes and popcakes.

Sugar paste - an irreplaceable decoration of the 16th century.

Sugar paste, which was made in the 16th century, was first used in the preparation of sweets. Members of a rich class used this type of confectionery. It has started to be used for the decoration of cakes since the middle of the 20th century. Sugar paste was the main decoration for wedding cakes at that time. 

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