We want to write about chocolate brownie cake in our first article


Brownie was made in America in the late 19th century and became a favorite dessert in Canada. A business lady Bertha Palmer wanted a confectioner to make delicious sweets for the women who would be attending the Chicago World Columbia Exhibition. The confectioner prepared a recipe that tasted like a cake and could be added to the dinner set. That person used brown granulated sugar, flour, melted butter, chocolate and cookies in the brownie recipe. A very soft and delicious dessert is made. Bertha Palmer liked this dessert so much that they started serving it to guests in the hotel named after their surname Palmer.

Currently, Brownie is served with ice cream, caramel, cream cheese. Those who like a lot of chocolate can taste Brownie by adding melted chocolate to it.

There are two types of Brownie called cakey and fudgy.

Each brownie contains flour, granulated sugar, butter and chocolate. However, cakey brownie is rich in flour and fudgy brownie is rich in chocolate and butter. 

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